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The need for an enterprise view of risk has never been greater. Technological innovation, geopolitical upheaval, and environmental challenges threaten businesses at an ever increasing speed. Today, risks travel faster than the speed of sound, and seemingly come from all directions. As a result, organizations have less time to respond to threats and seize emerging opportunities and must be more alert and nimbler at identifying, assessing and managing risk. At the same time, regulatory agencies have become more aggressive in their oversight, rolling out requirements that cross international boundaries and impact organizations around the world.

Too often, senior leaders look at risk only as an event or issue to either avoid or reduce. A more powerful way of looking at risk is to make sure your organization is taking the appropriate level of risk to differentiate yourself in reaching your strategic and organizational goals. In some cases, this can even mean taking on more risk, which needs to be managed accordingly.

When tailored to your organization’s unique DNA, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices allow you to have more productive conversations about what is really important. When ERM is done right, you are able to overcome individual and functional bias, establish an understanding of the degree of risk the organization is willing to take on based on vision and strategy, and allow members of the organization to manage towards common goals and a desired risk culture.

Critical, disruptive events can threaten the very survival of your organization. Our Enterprise Risk Management advisors help C-suite executives, boards, and decision-makers identify, interpret, and prepare for risks that can impact business as usual. We help clients lead, navigate, and disrupt to turn potential threats into opportunities.

A successful ERM process is:

  • An ongoing process
  • Applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise
  • Designed to identify potential events that, if they occur, will affect the entity and to manage risk within its risk appetite
  • Providing reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of business objectives

Our ERM Approach Fits Your Unique Environment

We view ERM not simply as means to compliance, but more as a value-added discipline and asset to the organization.

Our approach is tailored to your industry and company specific needs, which means having a deep understanding of the issues, trends, and unique opportunities and challenges you face. We include practical ERM elements from leading frameworks, including COSO ERM 2017 and ISO 31000, considering aspects of governance, culture, and risk processes that effectively identify and enhance the many things your organization is likely already doing. Through the use of data analytics, we can provide management and board with the information necessary to make timely, informed decisions towards enhancing organizational performance.

Because ERM looks different at every organization, our ability to help you is designed to fit your unique needs. Our ultimate goal is to help your organization enhance your ability to discuss opportunities and threats in a way that will sharpen your insights into strategy-setting and operational execution. A typical ERM engagement might include:

Discovering strategic risks

  • We diagnose your current assumptions, blind spots, and organizational dynamics to provide fresh insight into competitive advantages, vulnerabilities, and potential areas of missed opportunity.
  • Explore future trends and scenarios to understand the strategic risks they may pose.

Interpreting strategic risks

  • Systematically scan for and track your organizational risks to analyze and interpret how they relate to your strategy.
  • Engage strategic decision-makers through dashboards, workshops, simulations, and technology-enabled experiences, driving action and a sense of urgency.
  • Define a governance structure that supports executive ownership and helps to enable timely and appropriate decision making.

Preparing for strategic risks

  • Engage our deep, collective experience across our risk advisory group to assist you in defining and implementing an appropriate response strategy.

The Alchemi Difference

In today’s challenging regulatory environment, you need assistance coordinating risk management processes to stay focused on strategic objectives. Our insightful trusted advisors will help you develop an enterprise risk management framework designed to identify, analyze, respond to and monitor potential risks.
Our integrated approach targets risk management functions with an ERM framework that fits your needs. Alchemi’s knowledgeable professionals help you enhance and synchronize your existing risk assessment practices rather than reinventing your company’s culture and practices.

At Alchemi, we can design and help you optimize an ERM strategy that unlocks your organization’s individual deep knowledge and understanding of risks and opportunities that enhances your ability for better strategic decision-making.

Our ERM professionals have held positions in industry before coming to Alchemi, and many have attained professional certifications in risk management. We know what you are up against.
We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your specific needs and demonstrate our ability to serve them. Please contact us today so that we might begin a conversation.


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