Fractional C-Suite

Alchemi fractional executives are adept at stepping into roles as a temporary or interim executive to fill your company’s needs. We help you define what you’re trying to accomplish and bring the right talent for your company from our extensive network. Part Time or Fractional Executive – Alchemi matches your company with an executive who works for your company on contract for 1-3 days per week, for as long as you require them them.

Fortune 1000 to start-up companies leverage the leadership and experience that comes with using a part time executive resource, both commercial and nonprofit organizations increase revenue, decrease costs, and move initiatives forward. Three to ten days per month may be all you need for a COO/CIO/CTO/CEO/CISO/CFO/CMO or specific experienced executive to jump-start your initiatives, turn your situation around, or drive existing efforts to their conclusion. They work as much as you need, within your budget.

If you are looking for the right person to make transformative decisions within your organization contact us and let’s begin the conversation.


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